Clip Studio Paint: Formerly known as Manga Studio, Clip Studio Paint is the ultimate illustration tool for comic, manga, and graphic artists. 

Astropad: Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for Mac. Astropad works with any Mac creative app, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, and more! With Astropad, you can get the touch experience of your iPad and the precision of Apple Pencil while working in your favorite Mac apps. 


These Clip Studio Paint tutorials are hosted by Astropad and led by David Arroyo, creator of the webcomic IMMERSION

IMMERSION is a sci-fi detective thriller set in the not too distant future. Its story is primarily for a mature audience as it covers serious topics such as the evolution of artificial intelligence and how it affects society over time amongst other similar themes. The art style is more realistic than cartoon-like and features graphic content.

You can see more work by David here